Review and Buying Guide of Tefal Ingenio Non-stick Induction Starter Cookware Set

Significant pans, smaller footprint, significant price tag. I applied to obtain cheap cookware considering it was better to exchange them every 12 months than pay out via the nose for a first rate set, but the teflon coating would blister, peel and flake absent so they were phony economy. I took a likelihood with tefal a couple of yrs back and it paid out off. I nonetheless have the pans and they are as good right now as they when i initially bought them. The natural way, i was much more than delighted to attempt out this new assortment. The very first factor i noticed was the moderately compact box these were being packed into, substantially smaller than a complete set with handles connected. This is a massive bonus for me as i you should not have a great deal of kitchen storage offered. These pans all nest inside of of each and every other and mainly because the handles are detached they do not all sit at an odd angle with handles taking up useful room. If you are familiar with the tefal selection then you will know just how excellent these pots and pans come to feel. They are a first rate thickness with a strongly bonded teflon layer that does not undergo the identical fate as less expensive alternatives.

No exaggeration: the bestpans i have at any time made use of. I’m already the very pleased proprietor of a large tefal frying pan (love that thermo place) which i adore, but these are even better. The detachable deal with thought is good, but not new. Back in the seventies, my mum experienced a set of pans with such handles, they have been orange and brown and, while the idea was fantastic, the handles have been pure trousers, they have been usually coming off, after on the journey from hob to desk, when the pan was total of soup. Soon after that certain disaster they were despatched to a charity store, and i pity the weak unwary cove who purchased them. The experience set me off the detachable-deal with notion for a extensive time, but tefal have persuaded me the strategy continue to has legs. This set is a whole other animal from these outdated orange pans. The manage feels robust, the attachment feels steady they are not heading to give in a hurry. Having pans from hob to oven and again all over again, to the desk (try to remember to use a warmth pad if you never want scorched surfaces, they’re nevertheless very hot when they depart the oven), even to the fridge (soon after cooling, naturally), is so simple, the attachment is straightforward it makes cooking, serving and storing a wide wide range of dishes so uncomplicated.

A wonderful set of pans employing some appealing ideasbut also some slight flaws. You would not feel that there’s considerably that a company can transform about a set of pans most likely, but in this case tefal have definitely long gone again to the drawing board and had a feel about what enhancements could be produced to your regular pans. Storage of pans has usually been an issue in our dwelling and so i was really delighted to see how nicely this set stacked as some brilliant spark has occur up with the concept of detachable handles. Regrettably, for whatever cause, our set won’t stack quite as nicely as illustrated in the picture even nevertheless we’ve attempted to recreate it. I guess a person or a lot more of the pans are just a marginally unique measurement. However, that claimed, they continue to stack very nicely and just take up far significantly less room than a standard set of pans with their connected handles. The knobs/handles on the leading of the pan lids even fold out flat so that the lids can stack flat on major of one a further. Very cleverthe non-stick coating is really non-stick and would seem fairly thick and strong. These are, with no a doubt, the most non-stick pans that i’ve ever owned. They also have a little heat indicator indication in them so that you can gauge when your pans are scorching adequate/too sizzling.Here are the specifications for the Tefal Ingenio Non-stick Induction Starter Cookware Set:

  • Tefal Ingenio is a concept built around detachable handles, offering you good versatility and space saving
  • Set includes: 24 cm and 8 cm Ingenio induction frypan, 16 cm Ingenio induction saucepan, Ingenio bakelite handle with stainless steel insert
  • Tefal’s thermo-spot technology on the frying pans indicates when your pan has reached optimum cooking temperature
  • Tefal’s titanium pro non-stick coating is metal-utensil safe (except for knives and whisks) and can last twice as long as typical non-sticks
  • Dishwasher and oven safe (up to 260 degrees)

Fantastic starter set easy for storage. . Very first thoughts about this 3 piece set is what is the use of a frying pan set that you can transfer from the hob to the fridge?also the detachable take care of usually means that it will never ever be as secure as a long lasting take care of. In addition the point that there is only one particular manage for two pans and if that breaks or will get misplaced then you are still left with two frying pans devoid of handlesbut it is only immediately after employing the pans that you take pleasure in their accurate worthy of. We received ours to test and we took our time hoping them out and looking at the pros and disadvantages. The pans are quick to retail outlet the more compact matches neatly inside of the other and this signifies that when your place is at a high quality these are great. The take care of suits nicely and very easily. It feels sturdy and ridged even when you use the `joggle’ examination. The corporations boast that it can endure 10kgs of excess weight which is sufficient for everyone in a frying panthe real gain we uncovered is that when you fry anything and want to maintain it heat you just area the full ton in the oven and detach the manage. The motion is actually simple to do and it fits swiftly and wellon a promise notice the business ensures the handles for ten total yrs. Now some could factor this is a insignificant use but like a lot of families we have a son who is a picky eater and he usually has different food items from us which implies that his is frequently in the oven cooking so if we use the pans for ours all the food items is saved heat to be served at the same time.

Most effective pans i have at any time experienced, stack properly in the drawer which leaves space for other factors, hob to oven to desk i like, not all pans have a sealable lid for the fridge, would like a larger pan for potatoes as the ones you get below i dont imagine are really large enough for creating massive roasts for the family.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Starter Set easy for Storage.
  • Clever idea and brilliant to cook with
  • A nice set of pans using some interesting ideasbut also some minor flaws
  • I have got the 13 piece and I have to
  • Really good pan set, but a little small for a family of 4.
  • No exaggeration: the BESTpans I have ever used

This is an fantastic set and a deserving addition to any kitchen. As a modern graduate, all my past ktchenware has been taken care of faily terribly by different persons and has been frequently shoddy to commence with- so the non-stick capabilities have been a revelation to mei was not sure about the detachable handles at 1st but they are strong and you should not sense in threat of coming off and they allow the pans to nest alongside one another and just take up minimum house in the cupboard. My only niggles are that there are only two of them (at least three would have been a lot more practical for me) and that they are a tiny fiddly to clean all around the clamp place. So much i have built stir fries, curries and eggy bread all with fantastic achievement, and i’ve tested the oven abilities by baking a cookie in the smaller frying pan. Which labored much better than i could have hoped. Over-all i am quite happy and i might endorse this set, especially to someone my their initially ‘grown-up’ kitchen staples. Edited to add- since crafting this critique five months in the past, one of the handles has become trapped in the closed place and is now unusable :( total i am continue to pretty happy but assumed this element could be an essential dealbreakee for somebody.

Wonderful assistance and outstanding good quality, if a minimal dear. . Possessing purchased an induction cooker recently i necessary a good set of suited saucepans and i was not unhappy. Delivery was very fast, arriving even ahead of the cooker. Top quality of the non-stick coating is exceptional and cooking is quite even and the pans are really uncomplicated to thoroughly clean. Depth of the greatest saucepan is a tiny on the shallow facet for stews and casseroles and pan rims can get marginally weakened by the affixing and removal of the handles but over-all a wonderful set of pans.

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  1. Size: 13 Piece Verified Purchase says:

    This review is from : Tefal Ingenio Non-stick Induction Starter Cookware Set, 4 Pieces – Black

    We’ve bought more as one small pan isn’t enough.It is true that after some months, some of the non stick coating comes off the edges where the handle attaches, but this does not impact the function of the pans at all. Pic shows year old vs almost new (left).
  2. Size: 13 Piece Verified Purchase says:

    This review is from : Tefal Ingenio Non-stick Induction Starter Cookware Set, 4 Pieces – Black

    Easily stored, no problem to clip on and off the handles, dishwasher cleans like magic. . Handles clip on and off without a problem. If there is a downside i would say they could be a little heavy but are fine for me.
    • Size: 3 Piece Verified Purchase says:
      I can get so many more pans in the same place now. In fact all my pans are stacked together.
      • Size: 13 Piece Verified Purchase says:
        Highly recommended set of pans for induction hob. ┬áhaving recently renovated my kitchen and upgraded to an induction hob, i needed to also upgrade to an induction hob friendly set of pans. Having purchased tefal pans in the past i decided on this set primarily because i was impressed by the longevity of my previous set and the detachable arm feature this set had to offer. Design: the pans are well made, durable, and quite heavy, but not as heavy as a le creuset pan. The non-stick coating on the inside looks smart as does the stainless steel base. The iconic red spot in the middle of the frying pans, wok and sautepan are a good idea – the dot goes completely red as the pan reaches optimum temperature. The detachable handles are well made and a good weight too. The lids are made of glass with a rubber surround and plastic handle that pinches up and lays flat. Overall they look smart, modern and worthy of a place in my new kitchen :)usability: the non stick surface works perfectly and the pans wash easily by hand too. I’ve also used them in the dishwasher and had no problems with them.
  3. Size: 13 Piece Verified Purchase says:
    I have got the 13 piece and i have to. I have got the 13 piece and i have to say the handle is quite clever. You can save a lot of space. The handle has 10 years guarantee and the rest just 1 year. For what they cost i hope that the induction system will still working in a year time. The 2 saucepan don’t have the thermo-spot in the center so you can’t find out when it is perfectly preheated and ready to cook.
    • Size: 13 Piece Verified Purchase says:
      Great set of pans, perfect for induction hobs. Whilst this set is not cheap they work well with my induction hob and i like the fact that they can be stored in a small space.
      • Size: 13 Piece Verified Purchase says:
        This is an ok kit but not as great as you would think. The pans get scratches on the coating where you clip the handles on and off – this should not be happeningalso in the set there are some weird pan sizes and the lids dont really fit many of the pansneed to purchase a bigger lid for the big size pans. This is an ok kitbut not as great as you would think.
    • Size: 13 Piece Verified Purchase says:
      It is a nice kit from a known brand. It is a nice kit from a known brand. It is also pretty smart system, and takes less storage space. I like the concept, but the price here on amazon is kind of high, i found it a lot cheaper on a local store, thats why i didnt gave 5 stars.
  4. Size: 13 Piece Verified Purchase says:

    This review is from : Tefal Ingenio Non-stick Induction Starter Cookware Set, 4 Pieces – Black

    I have used tefal for several years now and they don’t cease to impress mei have read all types of reviews about this series from tefal, but i found no issues whatsoever with this product. I cook everyday and roast beef on the frying pan, straight in the oven with these. On average i use these pans for 1 meal per weekday and 2 meals per weekend day. I cook for 3 to 6 people weekly and haven’t found a single flaw to complaint about. As long as we follow the right guidelines, avoid scouring the pans, using the handles while the pans are in the stove and so on as advised on their manual, the product behaving brilliantly3 months on and they still look good as newthe only important tip i can really offer is to buy the polyester pan protecting pads for storing the pans without having them touching each other. That makes all the difference. We bought a set on amazon, they only cost a fiver anyways.
  5. Size: 13 Piece Verified Purchase says:

    This review is from : Tefal Ingenio Non-stick Induction Starter Cookware Set, 4 Pieces – Black

    Great pans, thoughtful space saving design. The handles are fantastic to use and grip the pans very well.
  6. Size: 13 Piece Verified Purchase says:

    This review is from : Tefal Ingenio Non-stick Induction Starter Cookware Set, 4 Pieces – Black

    Everything we wanted and the best pans ever had in the last 20 years.
  7. Size: 3 Piece Verified Purchase says:

    This review is from : Tefal Ingenio Non-stick Induction Starter Cookware Set, 4 Pieces – Black

    Ideal for browning the meat and adding the rest of the contents of the meal, ie: mash for cottage pie, or chicken tonight etc and then just putting in the oven. Not used them much yet to talk about wear and tear etc, but am seriously pleased with my purchase.

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