Review and Buying Guide of Kitchen Craft Microwave Casserole 3-Piece Set

Been making use of the solution for six months no difficulty, would comprehensively suggest. Veg in no way been as excellent and retains heat effectively.

I have to confess that i was not around awed with these when they arrived. I now have to say that a working day has not long gone by when i have not utilized them. They are very light but really solid. They are the only microwave containers i have utilized which do not stain. Very little sticks to them and they pack absent to nothing at all.

The plastic results in being rather soft when heated in the microwave. Need to just take treatment as they will develop into very easily distorted and then the lid will never fit onto the base. Kitchen craft microwave cookware 3 piece casserole set , stain resistant.Here are the specifications for the Kitchen Craft Microwave Casserole 3-Piece Set:

  • Three assorted sized microwavable square containers
  • Features vented lids, open for cooking and closed for freezing
  • Can hold a variety of foods and can even cook a complete meal within inutes
  • Sizes: 13cm, 16cm, 18cm

I necessary food storage containers and these are best as they can go in the microwave or freezer. There is a port on the lid which you change to allow for steam to escape if your microwaving and it can be closed if you are freezing meals. All the containers are a good measurement and the lid has handles on it. I actually like them and mainly because they are clear you can see what is within conveniently.

As opposed to tupperware they really don’t blister & convert orange when you heat baked beans. I use to cook dinner one or 2 parts of potatoes & veg in its place of making use of the hob.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Microwave plasticity!!!
  • Microwave Cookware
  • Excellent product
  • Useful casserole set
  • Kitchen Craft Microwave Casserole Set
  • Kitchen Craft Microwave Cookware 3 Piece Casserole Set , Stain Resistant

3 pice casserrole ia a very superior merchandise rapidly and clean up be 4 the dish set i experienced takeaway trey no a lot more tray wil order 2sets for my caravan very good bye from amazon.

A very little fragile and just after a whole lot of use does crack. The open up shut plug is a squander of time. But i have experienced excellent use from these.